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Chief Veronica Waboose

Email: veronica.waboose@longlake58fn.ca
Phone: (807) 876 2292 ext: 224
Anthony Legarde, Deputy Chief, Finance Manager
Email: anthony.legarde@longlake58fn.ca
Phone: (807) 876 2292 ext: 222
Arthur Shebagabow, Band Council
Email: arthur.shebagabow@longlake58fn.ca
Audrey Fisher, Band Council
Email: audrey.fisher@longlake58fn.ca
Frank Onabigon, Band Council
Email: frank.onabigon@longlake58fn.ca
Henry Waboose, Band Council, Band Manager
Email: henry.waboose@longlake58fn.ca
Phone: (807) 876 2292 ext: 228
John O'Nabigon, Band Council, Economic Development Manager
Email: john.onabigon@longlake58fn.ca
Phone: (807) 876 2292 ext: 239
Judy Desmoulin, Band Council, Health and Social Director
Email: judy.desmoulin@longlake58fn.ca
Phone: (807) 876 2292 


Marlow Wesley, Band Council 

Email: marlow.wesley@longlake58fn.ca

Mary Waboose, Band Council, Family Support Worker
Email: mary.waboose@longlake58fn.ca
Phone: (807) 76-2292
Noreen Agnew, Band Council, Comprehensive Community Planner
Email: noreen.agnew@longlake58fn.ca
Phone (807) 876-2292 ext: 236
Patrick Patabon, Band Council, Family Support Worker
Email: patrick.patabon@longlake58fn.ca
Shirley Tyance, Band Council
Email: shirley.tyance@longlake58fn.ca

Lacey McFarlane, Lands Manager
Email: lacey.garrett@longlake58fn.ca
Phone: (807) 876-2292 ext: 242
Jonias Finlayson, Lands Assistant
Email: jonias.finlayson@longlake58fn.ca
Phone: (807) 876-2292 ext: 242

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